A Chance to Live a Dream

Child Riding a Horse

Children seem to be born with an innate love of horses.

The heart of our riding lessons is in the wonderful staff at Rivendell Farm and the variety of horses available to fit every skill level and every child’s dream of what riding can be. We are passionate about horses and look forward to sharing our love of this incredible animal with new and experienced riders alike.

We not only teach your child to ride but to also respect and care for the horse and help them to develop a bond of friendship that will last a lifetime. From the beginning all the way up to the show ring, we offer instruction at every level and help your child achieve their own personal goal.

Our program is comprehensive; we teach your child all aspects of horsemanship from the ground up.
  • We can provide a lesson with one of our own well-mannered horses.
  • Can teach you on your own horse.

We Love Teaching Children

Contact Rivendell Farm for all of the details on how to get started.


English & Western Horseback Riding Lessons

With our English and Western riding lessons, you will learn the basics of grooming and tacking up your horse. Beginning riders are given lead line instruction as well as developing skills at the walk, trot, and canter. We begin with the focus on balance and making sure you feel secure. You set the pace based on your experience level and confidence.

English: Instruction available for the beginner to advanced rider, on the flat, over fences, and dressage. Rivendell Farm students are welcome to join the growing number of students actively showing, and WINNING!, at schooling and recognized shows around the state. Trailering and coaching at shows is available for hunters and jumpers.