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Jackie is an all around registered AQHA Quarter horse mare who has points in just about every event! from Western riding, ranch riding, hunter under saddle, equitation and more- this saintly girl is a staple in both our lesson and show teams. She is unflappable, a sweetheart and affectionately earned the nick name 'Twizz' from her obsession with Twizzlers! she even has her own auto shipment of Twizzlers that comes every month directly to her stall! Jackie goes both english and western and is a favorite among both programs.

(i.e. Bucca, Bucca-Bear, Sammy, Samuel or any other nickname you can imagine) Bucca is what we call 'an accident' his breeder once said. Being a Morgan, Thoroughbred and Paint Cross you don't expect him to have the beautiful hunter movement that he does. While he might be a Heinz-57 of a horse, this guy has a record a mile long. Thanks to his impeccable movement, he has done the Hunters all up and down the east coast, from CT to New Jersey to HITS to Ocala. Has the personality of a class clown and always keeps the barn laughing. He knows how to give shoulder massages, play freeze tag, hand you his halter and much much more. While not for a beginner rider, this accomplished gentleman has a LOT to teach the advanced riders. He has ALL the buttons from his two years of training with an Olympic rider and a famous 'tattle-tell' eye that all trainers love. If you are a seasoned rider looking to grow, this is the guy to bring you to your next level of riding.

Bernie is an all around registered AQHA Quarter horse gelding whose loved and owned by Brittany. His stocky build, calm demeanor and bombproof attitude make him the perfect horse for an adult or older child starting out. Bernie has a million nicknames (including Bernard-A-Doodle) and is as sweet as they come- willing to do anything for a carrot! While he may love the beginners, he has all the buttons for a more experienced rider as well. Bernie goes english and western and is a favorite among both programs.

Viper is an all around registered AQHA Quarter horse gelding whose the personal horse of Dawne Wilson Jones. He was born on her farm and she has done all of his training and owned his momma too. He was the easiest baby to saddle train, taking all of 10 minutes his first time wearing a saddle for Dawne to feel comfortable sitting on him- and that sums up his nature! calm, easy going, he adores children - and will stand for hours to be groomed and loved on. A steady-eddy babysitter horse whose taught hundreds of students how to ride. While he was bred for the western pleasure ring, he loves moving out for english and is a trainers favorite in both our english and western programs.