Leasing is a wonderful opportunity to get you more time in the saddle as well as provide time to sharpen all your horsemanship skills. You will have unstructured rides and time to groom, bathe and really get to know your mount. There are no hidden costs with leases i.e. Dentist farrier or vet. Leasing provides an inexpensive alternative to owning your own horse.

Our Leasing Options

5-Day Lease


/ month
  • Provides Riding 5 Days a Week

3-Day Lease


/ month
  • Provides Riding 3 Days a Week

2-Day Lease


/ month
  • Provides Riding 2 Days a Week

Within the leases are guidelines that must be followed at every level. All horses get at least one day off a week. Each lease includes a lesson one day a week (that will count as one ride). The horse you lease will most likely have other lessons on your lease days. You will be aware of your horses schedule so that you can schedule your own rides. Some of our lease horses also show in which case makeup days will be made available.

We Have a Large Variety of Horses for Lease

Please check with us regarding suitability and availability or click the button to see our horses.