DON’T MISS OUT ON IEA CAMP 2024: August 5-9th

Get prepared for the 2024-2025 team season with our IEA camp!
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Rivendell’s 11th IEA Season begins August 1, 2024!

Interscholastic Equestrian Logo

In 2013 the Rivendell Hunt Seat Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) teams were started to provide an opportunity for kids in 4th grade (minimum age of 9 years old at start of first show of the season) through 12th grade  to enjoy the sport of riding and showing without a large financial commitment. A huge benefit to IEA is that you do not need to own your own horse. The IEA teams travel to hosting facilities in our designated region and ride other horses at an affordable cost. IEA provides an opportunity to ride not only as a team but also as an individual rider to qualify for postseason competitions including regional finals, zone finals, and national finals.

IEA’s Mission

To promote lifelong involvement in equestrian athletics. IEA wishes to introduce students in grades 4-8 (Future) and 9-12 (Upper School) to equestrian sports and to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized competitions and educational opportunities. 

IEA’s Purpose

To set standards for competition; to provide information concerning the creation and development of equestrian sport programs; to promote the common interests of safe riding instruction; and to educate on matters related to horsemanship.

Through the IEA, riders not only compete but also have the opportunity to run for positions on the youth board, earn sportsmanship awards, be granted scholarships towards college, apply for financial assistance and more! Click Here for Rider Opportunities 

The Rules:
  • IEA team members at Rivendell Farm must keep up their individual (30 minute or 1 hour) weekly lesson(s) and attend at least one team practice per week (1 hour group).
  • IEA team members must attend a minimum of 3 shows and a maximum of 5; the success of our team is counting on you! It is our goal to have all team members participate in supporting their teammates on all show dates!
  • Be positive, everyone starts somewhere, we are only asking for your very best and for you to enjoy the experience.
  • Have fun and participate in team meetings, fund raising, and gatherings!
Fees/Financial Commitment: finalized fees will be provided at the July pre-season IEA team meeting/ information session.
  • Yearly membership fee to IEA: approximately $500/ season (new member); approximately $350/ season (returning member,if you have a current uniform)
  • Weekly team practice (1 hour group): $55
  • Coaching Fee for Shows: $100 (minimum of 3 shows/ season; maximum of 5/ season)
  • Class Fee: $45/ class (riders will participate in 1 or 2 classes depending on their assigned division; a flat class and a jumping class) ADD LINK TO DIVISIONS ON IEA PAGE
  • Your total cost for the shows would be $145 if you ride in one class/including trainers' fees, and $190 for two classes/including trainers' fees. There is no horse fee and no trailering fee, as you will be riding horses at the host farm. 
Post Season Fee’s: If a rider qualifies for post season competitions, there will be fees associated with the shows determined yearly. 
  • Regional Finals: TBD
  • Zone Finals: TBD
  • National Finals: TBD

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