Riding Lessons

Lessons at Rivendell Farm

Rivendell is a farm devoted to the exploration of the relationship between horse and rider. It is our goal to help you make that magical connection and let horses become a part of your life. We offer beginner, intermediate, advanced and therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults.

Young boy getting a riding lesson at Rivendell FarmOur mission clearly is geared to more than just riding. We seek to help people, young and young at heart, who understand the emotional bond that can exist between horse and rider, and seek to find it.

Punctual arrivals are essential for obvious reasons. Scheduling the right horse for the right rider requires you to be there at the time reserved. Please respect the rights of the students who are waiting for their mounts to be groomed and cared for.

Types of Riding Lessons

• English & Western Horseback Riding Lessons

$45 per half hour | $260 for a package of six - Available as Child & Adult Lessons

oung girl riding a horseWith our English and Western riding lessons, you will learn the basics of grooming and tacking up your horse. Beginning riders are given lead line instruction as well as developing skills at the walk, trot, and canter. We begin with the focus on balance and making sure you feel secure. You set the pace based on your experience level and confidence.

English: Instruction available for the beginner to advanced rider, on the flat, over fences, and dressage. Rivendell Farm students are welcome to join the growing number of students actively showing, and WINNING!, at schooling and recognized shows around the state. Trailering and coaching at shows is available for hunters, jumpers, dressage, and eventing.

Child Lessons - Giving children a chance to live their dream while learning how to ride and take care
of horses.
Adult Lessons - Riding is not only fun, but a great healthy activity for adults. Learn to ride individually or with a group!s



Also available: Advanced, Hunter/Jumper and First Level Dressage

Therapeutic Horseback Lessons

Following the guidelines of the PATH our riding lessons make great progess in self esteem, balance and more!

Lesson Preparation

Young boy getting a riding lesson at Rivendell Farm

We offer private riding lessons. Ground work can be included, but our main goal is to maximize your time mounted. Riders are expected to arrive 15 minutes before and stay 15 minutes after their lesson. This time will be used to groom your mount before and after your ride.

Please come dressed appropriately.

  • Boots with heels are required
  • Long pants are recommended
  • You must wear a helmet while riding

If you do not have a helmet, we will provide one for you. If you would like to purchase a helmet, we sell them at our tack shop.

young girl getting a horse riding lesson at Rivendell Farm

All students must sign a release form prior to the first lesson.

If under 18, the student must have a parent or legal guardian sign as well.

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