Horses For Lease

Leasing is a wonderful opportunity to get you more time in the saddle as well as provide time to sharpen all your horsemanship skills. You will have unstructured rides and time to groom, bathe and really get to know your mount. Leasing provides an inexpensive alternative to owning your own horse.


A gorgeous Percheron Westfalen mare with all "the right moves". A big stride and heart and personality to match, she is a fabulous edition to our farm.

She is available for advanced lessons, partial lease and showing.


Zan is a gentle young soul. He is used for Therapeutic lessons as well as English beginner and Western beginner riders.

He is available to show and lease as well.


A very special pony to Rivendell Farm. Bay does it all. Beginner riders will love her smooth trot and learn to canter with her smooth transitions. She knows her changes and will jump a 2.6 course.

She is used for therapeutic lessons, English beginner lessons and will take anyone to a jump. She is also available to show and lease.


This kind, gentle and beautiful Haflinger was proudly purchased at Willow Brook Farms. Nanu is a product of good care and love and she so freely gives all that and more to her riders.

She is available for beginner/intermediate lessons, therapeutic lessons are her speciality.


Our gray Arabian pony is named after the wizard in the movie "Lord of the Rings". Gandalf is kind and patient and knowing.

Gandalf has been retired, and he is now happily grazing our pastures. Many of our riders learned so much from this giving pony, thank you Gandalf!


An adorable registered Welsh pony, Harley is as correct as they come.  Very fancy mover and a “10” jump.  She is giving English lessons and already doing well at the shows.  Available for lessons, showing and leasing.


Kind, sweet and honest as the day is long.  Beautiful Sky is an appendix with easy correct gaits.  A gentleman on the ground and over the jump field makes him a barn favorite! Available for lessons, showing and leasing.


A gorgeous and powerful QH.  Star has presence.  You will fall in love with his look.  He is currently giving English lessons and is available to show, jumping and the flat.  Also available for lease.


An immediate barn favorite, Scout is the sweetest pony you'll ever meet.  He is quiet with smooth gaits and easy transitions.  He jumps beautifully and goes to the shows like he was born to do just that, an impressive heritage half Welsh and half Thoroughbred   Scout is giving lessons, available for shows and leasing.


Triple registered Rhythm & Blues is Pinto, Paint and Quarter Horse and an all around good guy.  He is comfortable on the flat, jumping cross rails, or riding Western Pleasure. Easy to ride and work around.  He is available for lessons, leasing and showing either English or Western.

We have several horses for lease; please check with us regarding suitability and availability.

Advanced Lease

An advanced lease is $1,200 per month and provides riding 6 days a week.

Half Lease

A half lease is $600 per month with three rides a week.

Quarter Lease

A quarter lease is $400 per month with two rides a week.

Within the leases are guidelines that must be followed at every level. All horses get at least one day off a week. Each lease includes a lesson one day a week (that will count as one ride). The horse you lease will most likely have other lessons on your lease days. You will be aware of your horses schedule so that you can schedule your own rides.

Some of our lease horses also show in which case makeup days will be made available.