Horse Care / Ground Lessons

Horse Introduction, Care and Ground Lessons

Not ready to ride? There are many people (my son included) who do not enjoy riding, but love being around horses. Perhaps your unsure of this big animal and want to learn and feel more comfortable before you ride.

No need to shut horses out of your life. Some of my most enjoyable moments with my horses have been experienced from the ground. Contact us to get one-on-one instruction in horse handling and care.

cleaning horse hooves at Rivendell FarmFor some disciplines, ground work is also used to develop specific types of muscling as well as to instill certain behaviors.

Ground Lessons

A 45-minute lesson ($50.00) designed to teach you proper horse handling and care. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of..

  • grooming, the proper way
  • combing out their manes and tails
  • cleaning thier feet
  • giving them a bath
  • handling the horse in general
  • learning to respect their space and have them respect yours
  • putting on halters and lead lines
  • the proper way to walk them
  • overall general care