No one takes care of your horse like you do... except us.

That is our motto and we take it to heart, we truly do take care of each horse as if they are ours. The horses receive individual care because they all have different needs. Clients are first drawn to us because the facility is beautiful and clean, but they stay with us because the care their horses receive is unparalleled

Rivendell Farm stables

We understand the “Big Picture” but we also understand how important all the small details are; Horses are fed twice a day (only by the owners and barn manager), medications and supplements are always given consistently, water buckets are washed daily and filled as often as needed. Blankets are changed, bell boots put on, fly spray applied, and horses are inspected at let in. A final “bed check” and watering is done long after everyone is gone for the night. Experience the difference at Rivendell Farm!

Lisa and Roger Passavant in Rivendell Farm stablesRivendell Farm is a dream come true for the owners Lisa and Roger Passavant. With the finishing touches of construction on the barn and expansion of the pastures done, they are pleased to offer many services to the growing clientele at Rivendell Farm.

The “New Barn” was built in 2006 by “master craftsman” Dave Speilman, owner of Custom Barns. The new facility blends beautifully into the landscape and has the look and feel of the great “Old Barns” found throughout New England.

Boarding Services & Amenities

Riding Arenas

There are three different-sized riding rings available at Rivendell Farm, each with it's own purpose.

The indoor ring is 60 X 124 with large operable windows and an eighteen foot ceiling height to maximize light and ventilation.

The outdoor ring is 100 X 110 with access directly from the indoor and has a stone dust base and washed sand to assure a firm, dry and even riding surface.

The grass jump course is 90 X 180, complete with stadium jumps. This course is changed by the instructors twice a month to offer a better variety and quality of riding experience.

Riding Trails & Outdoor Turn-out

pastureJust steps away from Rivendell Farm you can take a scenic walk through the pastures and trails that lead you to Cockaponset State Forest, Connecticut’s second largest forest with 15,600 acres of trials, woodlands, streams and ponds.

Daily turn-out of your horse is recommended, weather permitting. We turn out a small number of horses in each pasture on a rotation schedule. Individual turn out is also available for an additional charge.


horse stalls10 X 10 and 10 X 12 stalls are available, some with operable windows; bars divide the stalls and line the front assuring light and proper air circulation.

Each stall is layered with gravel for drainage and rubber mats for comfort. We use saw dust/wood shavings as bedding and the stalls are cleaned daily.

Indoor Wash Stall

indoor wash stallsOur indoor wash stall is designed with comfort of the horses in mind. It features large, double-door access to the outside, cushioned rubber mats to help relieve leg fatigue, plus a floor drain and sink for easy cleanup.



Feed Room

feed storage binsEach horse has a different feeding requirement depending on preference, age and work load. We offer a variety of feeds, like "grain" products, from sweet feed, to complete feed (pellet form) and senior feed. An appropriate portion of grain and timothy hay will be fed to your horse twice a day.

*We have a feeding station for each stall to assure any supplements or medications your horse requires are properly administered. Several worming options are also available. *There is a maximum on feed included in boarding.


Tack Room

You will be assigned an individual lockable storage area large enough to accommodate your tack and supplies. There is an "overflow" tack room located on the second floor, you are welcome to store your trunks or any additional tack you may have.

Rivendell - A Dream Home for Your Horse

young girl riding a horseMany people have been touched throughout their lives from experience with horses, we would like for you to once again find that special bond that existed. We get caught up in our daily lives and are busy raising families and building careers, we forget how important it is to stay in touch with our inner-self and find peace, if only for a few hours a day or even in a week.

Around horses you can find that peace. Or perhaps you are young and trying to find your way, the formative years are challenging for us all. Even more challenging is a physical or mental handicap.

I truly believe that horses heal people. Horses accept us for who we are, they don't try to change us or conform us. They don't judge us by how we look, only by the way we act around them. They don't care if your shoes are ugly and your socks don't match. They look inside of us and find the best in all of us. We just have to take the first step and allow it to happen.

It happens for so many reasons; the horse is a large animal with a commanding presence, you cannot allow yourself to be distracted, your focus remains on your steed and your worries and stress are left behind (even if only for a while). It is nice to be able to escape from all that troubles us and venture into a place of wonder and excitement.

The first time you connect with your horse, when you see something in her eyes, or you ride bareback for the first time, run across a field, or sit quietly in his stall and watch him munch his hay you're hooked.

They say horses get into your blood and when they do you're hooked for life. I believe that, and those of you who had a connection once, you owe it to yourself to come back to it, and to those who have yet to discover it... Welcome to Rivendell Farm, let the magic unfold.

Monthly Board: $800

Training board/Private turnout and additional services are available, call us for details and fee's.

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